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  • Door Dings
  • Creases
  • Shopping Cart Impacts
  • Protruding Dents
  • Body Lines
  • Roof and Rail Dents
  • Plastic Bumpers
  • Minor Collision Damages

Small Dents

Large Dents

Plastic Bumpers


Our paintless dent repair process is a very effective method for removing small dings to minor collision damages.

During the initial inspection, the repair process and outcome of the finished repair will be explained. You’ll have a peace of mind of what to expect. Although there may be limitations, PDR is the best route to keep your vehicle in the original, pre-damaged condition.


Call / Text Us: 808.838.9079


  • Keep Your Original Factory Paint Finish
  • No Vehicle History Reporting
  • Save Your Valuable Time And Money
  • Superior Repair
  • Protect The Resale Value Of Your Car
  • Environmentally Friendly
  • Drop Off And Pick Up Same Day
  • No Fillers, Sanding, or Painting
  • No Holes Drilled


  • I had a couple of dents to fix, went to see JL. He broke down specifically what he had to do to fix the dents and what complications he might run into. Has a lot of wisdom on fixing dents, watching him work was like watching a doctor on an operating table. I wish I had before and after pictures but the the dents came out flawless, like nothing even happen. Highly recommend, will definitely know who to go to next time dents come my way.

    JKA Avatar JKA
    September 21, 2023

    I had a ding in my rear door on my 2019 Audi, which was an eye sore. I contacted JL and got scheduled for a week later. He met me at his shop exactly at the appointment time and explained the process of fixing it. He made sure I was comfortable with everything before starting. I asked him to do a walk around to see if he saw any other dings. Turns out I had 5 dings spread out across 2 doors and a quarter panel. It took him a few hours to fix them all, but he made sure nothing else was damaged during the repair processed and restored my car like new. JL is very knowledgeable and a perfectionist, which is exactly the kind of person you want working on your car. I ended up spending more than I had originally planned going from 1 ding to 5, but it was money well spent, and my car looks perfect now. I hope I never need his services again, but if I do, I know exactly who to go to.

    Bryce Avatar Bryce
    May 5, 2023

    Joel is the best. He repaired 2 dents on my company van...very thorough and high attention to detail. If Joel can't do it no one can.

    Ryan Kuranishi Avatar Ryan Kuranishi
    May 5, 2023
  • Found his business on Yelp and after reading his website profile, I decided to use his services. He's a former body shop guy and very meticulous about his work. His response to a quote was very prompt, just prepare to send him photos of the damage for a more accurate quote. He's really booked and he's the only one working on your vehicle so I couldn't get an appointment until a week later. He kept his communication lines open and answered any questions I had leading up to my appointment. Met him at his airport location and he immediately stopped what he was doing to greet me and went over the details of how he would fix the dent. I left my car there and he contacted me about an hour before the work was done to give me enough time to get a ride back to his place. The end result is FLAWLESS, you can't even tell there was a dent there. Highly recommended!

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    Ray Ray Avatar Ray Ray
    April 5, 2023

    Dentworks by JL is the best dent remover on the entire Oahu island! He gets any dent removed back to a perfect 100% finish. He lets you know if it’s repairable and if it is, he assures you the best possible finish which is usually 100%. Joel is the real deal! I highly recommend him plus his prices are very reasonable. You won’t be disappointed.

    Stan Will Avatar Stan Will
    February 5, 2023

    I had two door dings on my passenger side car door, and was looking for a place to get them fixed on the island. As I was looking at the many options JL's company had the best reviews and ratings, so I decided to get the work done by him. I reached out and he got back to me very quickly with an estimate. We agreed on a date to get the repair done. Upon arrival he walked me through everything, told me exactly how the repair was going to be done, and gave me an estimated time for the repair. JL did an amazing job on the dents to the point where you can't even tell there was ever any damage to the door. If you want a legitimate repair where no corners are cut I would recommend you get it done by him.

    Tristan Charles Avatar Tristan Charles
    February 5, 2023
  • Worth ever penny! Had a small dent on my car, despite me showing up last minute, the owner took my car in and patiently explained and showed me how he will fix it, and spend extra 2 hours after he close to fix the dent.

    J M Avatar J M
    November 5, 2022

    I had a dent that needed to get fixed. It was complex. It had various curves and creases on the frame. The dent is gone. He gave me the estimate and completed it in the stated time frame. He is very good at paintless dent repair. I've told people about the dent. They can't find where it was.

    Russ Hill Avatar Russ Hill
    October 5, 2022

    I would give 10 stars if possible. Joel is a true professional. Top quality work, excellent attention to detail, and the utmost care and respect for your car. I have worked with many PDR shops on the mainland and we are really lucky to have someone with Joel’s skill level on island. His auto body repair background and experience gives him the distinct advantage of knowing the ins and outs of car panels. Thank you Joel!

    Jason Kim Avatar Jason Kim
    October 5, 2022
  • Excellent work by JL. He patiently fixed my damaged door. He definitely takes pride in his work. Very satisfied and will always return and refer friends!

    keith h Avatar keith h
    October 5, 2022

    Awesome company! Joel is one of the best in the business!

    L P Avatar L P
    October 5, 2022

    Had a bunch of dents all over had to take care of and I wouldn’t trust anyone else but JOEL! He did a GREAT JOB! Couldn’t be any happier. If you have any PDR work needed to get done, look no where else. OUTSTANDING WORK and CUSTOMER SERVICE!!!!!

    Blake Suenaka Avatar Blake Suenaka
    October 5, 2022
  • My 4runner had 2 dents in the door...... Called Joel and he Inspected my SUV and then Quoted me for the repair. He also explained about the repair. I set a date with Joel to get the work done to my SUV. The work Joel did was awesome!!!!! He got rid of those dents in my door!!! If you need dents and dings removed he is the guy to see. He does awesome work and know your car, truck, van or SUV is in good hands!!! I will only bring my vehicles to Joel....I'm also recommending him to friends and family!!!!!

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    Grant Okamoto Avatar Grant Okamoto
    October 5, 2022

    This isn’t the first time I’ve had Dentworks by JL work on my car nor will it be the last. Joel worked on two of my cars today and the results were nothing less than amazing. His attention to detail and precise execution will bring your car back to when it was new again. If you love your cars and invested a lot of money in it, then you should only let The best work on it. Excellent work today Joel! Thank you again!

    Kinh Tang Avatar Kinh Tang
    October 5, 2022

    I had a small but obvious dent in my new car due to the special color it is. JL was very descriptive in what he could do, the processes he could use and confidence that he would be able to fix it and avoid further damage or a paint job. We scheduled an appointment and he was on it immediately. He was unable to execute his first option due to the location of the dent but used the second option of a glue pull (which kinda had me worried about the paint) but he was done sooner than than expected and unless I hadn't stared at the dent everyday prior, I would never know where it was. He did a absolute fantastic job and I have comfort that if I ever experience a dent again (which I hope not) I know exactly who to call and where to go- Dentworks by JL. Thanks for performing surgery on my pride and joy. Got the same feeling I had when I first bought it.

    Les Smith Avatar Les Smith
    October 5, 2021
  • Don't know where to start, but I will definitely do business again with Joel. Definitely worth the wait for an appointment and process! Joel explains everything from beginning to end despite how many dents on your car, especially the process of repair. I've heard a lot of great things even before he was "Dentworks by JL." I'm glad my cousin recommended him and I'm very pleased and honored that he took the time to work on my Lexus GS350. He is a man that pays close attention to detail which I can relate to because I do the same in my area of work. Much appreciation Joel! He will be my go-to PDR guy from now on. A timeless experience, thorough explanation, and quality work. Again, a big honor to have Joel work on my car!

    JC Films Avatar JC Films
    October 5, 2021

    Joel responded promptly to my inquiry on repairing a door dent. I always meet with people before making a decision to proceed with an action. Joel was courteous, professional and explained the repair process in detail. The finished results are exceptional and if the average person were to view the door currently, they wouldn’t know that it had been repaired. The beauty of Joel’s repair is that there are no mismatched paint colors, rough paint textures, etc. If I or any of my friends and acquaintances ever need paint-less dent repair in the future, we will be contacting DentWorks by JL.

    Keith Mikasa Avatar Keith Mikasa
    October 5, 2021

    I received a golf ball to the roof of my car in a difficult area to repair. The damage was substantial and I really wanted to find someone with experience to fix it. I researched best dent repair on the island and read many satisfied reviews about Joel with Dentworks by JL. I AM SO HAPPY I CHOSE HIM TO FIX MY CAR! I am an EXTREMELY particular person with my car (obsessive compulsive) and he repaired it beyond my expectations. I appreciated the time Joel took with me to explain his process of my repair and felt he quoted me a fair price. Having an automotive background, I learned he has a lot of experience and knowledge of different car metals and how to treat each type of repair! He displayed professionalism, honesty, and really has perfected his craft. I will always recommend using his services and will use him for all future repairs.

    George Davis Avatar George Davis
    October 5, 2021
  • Joel is awesome! I've know him for 20 years and trusted him to paint 2 of my cars in the past, and work on my father's car. This was the first time I've gone to him for paintless dent removal. I got a quote Wednesday and he fixed it on Monday. He managed to get out a pretty deep dent on my back passenger side door. Thank you Joel!

    Robyn Cadiz Avatar Robyn Cadiz
    October 5, 2021

    Impeccable dent repair. Fair and honest pricing. You won't find anyone else on Oahu who brings the expertise and competitive pricing as JL. He is extremely flexible with scheduling and will have your vehicle back to flawless condition in no time. Don't bother looking elsewhere and give him a call!

    Steven Pate Avatar Steven Pate
    October 5, 2021

    I had known the owner for 20 years. I have been looking for him and finally found him again, this is the only company I trust and has done very well on each of my cars I brought to this company. Yesterday, Saturday 19th 2020, I had to fix several dents on my car and went to him to do it. When my car was ready to go, there were no dents. It felt as if my car was factory new. If I could give this company more than 5 stars, I would. He went above and beyond with his work for a very decent price and I would recommend this to everyone.

    Fred Martin Avatar Fred Martin
    October 5, 2021
  • Joel masters everything he does even when he was doing Autobody and paint several years ago. Recently, he worked on my rare color combination E36 M3, only 3 made in this year, and pulled out all of the dents and dings while keeping the original paint. He was very professional and initially said he could remove most of the dings but not all. When I picked up the car it was like I went back to 1996 and had a brand new car. I highly recommend Joel's services!

    Alika Augustine Avatar Alika Augustine
    October 5, 2021

    First experience with paint-less dent repair (PDR) at Dentworks by JL (Joel), gotta say it was a good one. He fixed my golf-ball-size dent on a fender line (which is difficult)! When I reached out to schedule an appointment, his response was prompt and thorough with my questions and concerns. Joel also took extra safety precautions, wearing gloves, N-95 mask, and performing extra sanitization of the vehicle. This particular procedure takes great skill, and I stayed for a few minutes to watch him initiate the fix. I could see that he was very careful to not damage any external components on removal, and chatting with him before I left the car made me confident in his knowledge of the craft. I expected there to be at least some residual sign of the dent when I picked up my vehicle, and I was shocked to find ZERO trace left. No dent, no stress, no worries because I was in good hands. He is professional and has the tools to remedy the problem(s). I would recommend his business to anyone looking for a solid repair.

    Chris 808T Avatar Chris 808T
    October 5, 2021

    Joel's skill, experience, attention to details and commitment to perfection is SECOND to NONE! His ability to get dents out without bodywork or painting is incredible. The dents I've seen him take out is just unbelievable. Dents on body lines, curves, roof rails, large and small. If you don't want to pay 1000s of dollars and have your car in the shop for days or weeks, contact Joel from DENTWORKS by JL. He'll put a smile on your face where there once was a frown. Best decision I have made!

    Kelvin Kikuchi Avatar Kelvin Kikuchi
    October 5, 2021


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